QiGong Classes, Cairns

Qi Gong was born out of China and dates back over 5000 years.  Qi is the unseen life force and Gong means ‘physical power and action’.

Qi Gong increases vital energy for physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Qi Gong consists of slow motion exercise and meditation.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this type of exercise wards off illness.  It has been linked to reduced blood pressure and increased levels of endorphins, natural body chemicals that relieve pain and maintain mental health.

Qi Gong not only improves your mind, but also tones the muscles and joints and improves breath and balance.

Qi Gong Classes are held in Redlynch on Saturdays 11am.

$15 per session.

Contact Daniel for further information or to attend!

Dr Daniel Houtman - The Spirit Doctor

From a client:

Daniel teaches in a gentle manner, easing you into a profound practice in a way that is non-threatening yet very effective. I learned the form and breathing and am confident to go home and continue it on a daily basis.